Dear Reader,


For much of my life, I have struggled with an array of ailments– mental and physical. Like so many people, I have been failed by conventional medicine and society. Through my search to heal myself, I have discovered that the mind and body are so deeply interconnected. I have discovered that I know, intuitively, how to heal my own wounds and ailments. 

Through my writing, I aim to cover a large umbrella of topics. I will share with you the tools that I have discovered that have changed my life. I will bring you along with me on some incredibly profound adventures that I have taken. I want to pass along amazing discoveries that I have come across in my research of plant medicines and obscure cultures. I travel far and wide to help bring together a collective of information that can help us, as a society, make wise and informed decisions in our lives.

Interested in hearing more? Head over to my stories page to dive into some unique research, crazy adventures, and new perspectives.

With Love, Charley Rose

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